Your showcase profile will consist of the following

  • – Height
  • – Spike Touch
  • – Class year
  • – Position

We will also be taking video throughout the session’s that will be available to coaches, all of which will be made available to 1500+ coaches throughout North America.

We will periodically be releasing lists of programs who are registered to attend the 2018 showcase in the weeks leading up to March 3rd, 2019. Please use the list of previously attended programs as a comparable reference for the 2019 showcase.

You will NOT get to choose your wave, once registration is completed we will balance the waves to ensure there is an equal number of Setters, MB, OH and Liberos in each wave. We will let you know your wave on Thursday February 28th, 2019.

Yes all college/university coaches are welcome to attend, please have the coach reach out to to confirm their attendance.

We will release the official itinerary for the showcase on Thursday February 28th, below is a brief outline.

Session 1- (wave 1: 9:00am-11:00am) (wave 2: 11am-1:00pm)

  • Warm up/Physical Testing
  • Position Specific Skill Drills (Drills will be simple and designed to best to display the athletes skill, athleticism and potential.)
  • Game Play
  • Cool down

Session 2- (Wave 1: 1:00pm-2:30pm) (wave 2: 2:30pm-4:00pm)

  • Warm up
  •  Mixed position specific (Setters and Liberos working with Middles and Outsides)
  • Game Play
  • Cool down

No, we will constantly be rotating the courts and moving athletes around throughout the game play portions of each session.

  • Canadian Programs- Once you finish your session 2, Canadian coaches may approach any athletes they wish to introduce themselves to.
  • American Programs- Once you finish your session 2, depending on your class year and which division the coach is in some coaches will be permitted to introduce themselves to you others will not be based on NCAA regulations.
  • We encourage both parents and athletes to attend the recruiting seminar. We will have College and University coaches speaking and providing feedback from their perspective on the recruiting process a long with a Q and A.
  • The recruiting seminar will be during the break between session 1 and session 2 for each wave.
  • Cancellation before February 22nd, 2019- Full Refund Provided
  • Cancellation after February 22nd, 2019- %75 Refund Provided
  • Cancellation after February 28th , 2019- If we can fill your spot from the waiting list a %75 refund will be provided if we cannot fill your spot no refund will be provided.