Athletes who are serious about opportunities at the Collegiate level should take the recruiting process into consideration  as they begin high school, the earlier you are aware and engaged within the process the more opportunity will be available to you. Click here for further detail on the recruiting process timeline

Coaches are looking for simple footage that will best display your athletic ability and skill level. Video taken from a still camera at the back of the court is usually the best vantage point. Click here for more information on Highlight videos.

There are over 1500 University and College programs recruiting athletes every year, many athletes make the mistake of waiting for a coach to identify them. It’s crucial to be proactive in your recruiting process, figure out what is most important to you and begin reaching out to programs who meet your academic and athletic goals. For more information on how to effectively get recruited click here.

There are over 1500 opportunities to play volleyball at the collegiate level that range from all different levels of play, if you are serious about the sport and playing at the next level there is an opportunity out there for you!