Recruiting Process Timeline

The recruiting process can be confusing and overwhelming, sometimes it’s easy to feel like a needle in the a haystack trying to find a program that is the right fit for you. This recruiting timeline will help you to navigate your way through the recruiting process and the steps needed to maximize your exposure and opportunities at the post secondary level.


  • Settle in to the increased course load of high school education.
  • Strive to play for a competitive club team, work hard to continuously be developing your skill set and athleticism. Show up early or stay late after practice for additional repetitions when possible.
  • Develop strong time management habits between the commitments of competitive club volleyball and achieving academic success in the classroom.
  • Look to attend a few university or college camps, ask your coach or recruiting coordinator to recommend some options for you based on your future goals and skill level.


  • Time management becomes crucial to balance academic success and competitive club volleyball.
  • Meet with your high school guidance counselor to ensure your current courses are keeping you on track with required courses for your university or college goals.
  • Create a highlight or skills video that will best display your athleticism and skill level to evaluating coaches
  • Create an “athletic profile” that will provide university/college coaches basic details and information about you.
  • Begin researching schools and send introductory e-mails to programs who fit and match your athletic profile, be sure to include a link to your highlight/skills video. ***If you are contacting NCAA D1/D2 programs be sure to include your high school/Club coaches contact information as university/college coaches are not allowed to respond directly to you until June 15th (D2) of Grade 10 or September 1st (D1) of Grade 11.
  • Play for a club team that will compete in tournaments where University and College coaches will be recruiting.
  • Attend camps at Universities/College you have started to build relationships with who interest you most.


  • Continue working hard in the classroom, meet with your guidance counselor again to ensure you’re on the right track with your courses.
  • If you’re looking at opportunities in the NCAA be sure to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center Also begin studying and look to register to take SAT/ACT’s in the fall or winter.
  • Continue reaching out to university/college programs, reference your club coach or recruiting coordinator to help you target programs that fit your profile.
  • Update highlight and skills video, having a full length match video available is helpful as well.
  • Be sure coaches know where they can see you play. If you are serious about playing at the collegiate level you need to be playing at the most competitive level of club volleyball you possibly can and competing in tournaments that will provide you exposure to recruiting university and college coaches. (Coaches almost always want to see an athlete play in person before extending an offer to play for their university/college program)
  • Schedule phone calls with university/college coaches.
  • Look to invest in visits/camps to schools where you are drawing the most interest from.

GRADE 12 (Don’t panic, it’s not too late!!)

  • Stay focused in the classroom, be sure when it’s time to apply to schools your grades will be strong enough to get you accepted into the schools and programs you are most interested in.
  • Continue training hard in the gym and fine tuning your athletic ability both on the court and in the weight room you want to be well prepared for the increased skill level and physicality of the game at collegiate level.
  • Continue building relationships with coaches, there is over 1800 programs North America wide if you are serious about playing at the next level there is the fit out there for you!! Continue consulting with your club coach or recruiting coordinator to find the programs that best fit you.
  • Once you have options that interest you, you can begin narrowing down your selection, be sure they are a fit for what’s most important to you (academics, athletics, location, size).

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