Liability Waiver

All sport related activities involve certain elements of risk. Accidents may occur while participating in these activities. Injuries can range from overuse injuries (sprains, and strains) to orthopaedic injuries, ligament damage, fractures to even more serious injuries. These injuries result from the nature of the activity and can occur without any fault on either the part of the participant, Volleyball Recruits or the facilities in which the activity took place. By choosing to participate in the activity, you are acknowledging and assuming the risk of injury occurring. Carefully following the instructions from our coaches at all times and being physically fit can reduce the chance of an injury/accident occurring.

Communications/Media Release

Volleyball Recruits uses images, videos and other non-sensitive information on its website and social media in order to publicize and celebrate the achievements of athletes participating in it’s events. By checking the waiver and release box, you hereby agree to allow Volleyball Recruits to publish your child’s name and image/video, and release Volleyball Recruits and its agents from any liability connected to the release of this information.

If the athlete is 18 years of age or over, they must check the release and waiver box on the registration form. If the athlete is under 18 years of age, a parent/guardian must check the release and waiver box on behalf of the minor.