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The most important tool an athlete should have when entering the recruiting process is video footage. With over 1500 varsity programs North America wide the #1 way coaches identify prospective student athletes is through video. Volleyball Recruits provides professional video’s edited by experienced volleyball coaches who understand exactly what college coaches are looking for when evaluating athletes on video.

Highlight videos consist of the following

  • 2 videos – Each video will be 2:00-2:30 minutes in length. The first video will be the most recent footage and the second will be updated footage from later in the season.
  • Highlights that display the athletes physical and athletic potential
  • Consistency of skill execution
  • Highlights structured to best catch and maintain a coaches attention
  • Athlete contact details

Having video edited and created by a coach with the experience to understand the consistency and skills sets college coaches are looking for can be crucial to capturing a college coach’s attention.

Check out the link below to see a library of all the Volleyball Recruits highlight video’s