Volleyball Recruits Camps & Showcases

Upcoming Events 

Volleyball Recruits Showcase – Spring 2021

College Coaches Camp –  TBD


Showcases provide athletes an opportunity to gain exposure by displaying their skill and athleticism live in front of recruiting University and College coaches. Each showcase consists of the following

  • Athlete Stats (height, spike touch, speed)
  • Position Specific Skill Display Drills
  • Game Play
  • Parent/Athlete Recruiting Seminar
  • 25+ University/College Coaches of all levels (NCAA, USPORTS, CCAA)
  • Showcase Video and Athlete Stats sent to 1500+ University/College coaches across North America

College Coaches Camp

The College Coaches Camp provides athletes a first hand experience of what it’s like to train as a varsity athlete at the next level.  Participating athletes will spend 2 days on court training with and learning from some of the top University and College volleyball programs in Canada and the United States.